Custom Home Building

This includes tearing down old property and building new homes, working with architects on already designed plans, and design/build services


This includes second story additions, ground level additions, and detached additions such as garages

Basement Finishing

This includes remodeling existing basements, finishing unfinished basements, repairing or replacing piers, underpinning, floor heating system in the concrete slab, and wet basement and drainage fixing

Kitchen Remodeling

This includes remodeling existing kitchens, adding or creating new kitchens, opening up walls in between kitchens and living areas, and creating breakfast rooms.

Bathroom Remodeling

This includes updating old bathrooms, adding new bathrooms, and reconfiguring bathroom space.

Home Renovation

This includes partial or complete home remodeling, reconfiguration of existing space, replacing windows, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, exterior work, drywall, decks, flooring, and painting.

Building Code Corrections

This includes inspecting homes for code compliance, correcting any code violations, and updating electrical to meet existing code safety standards.

Infrared Camera Inspection

This includes highly advanced technology to check missing insulation behind walls and air drafts that are not visible without demolition.

Green Home Remodeling

This includes renovating with green products and materials, creating an energy efficient living space, creating a healthier indoor environment, and minimizing waste materials by reusing items from within the remodeled space.